Food Timeline Infographic

Completed in 2013

A conceptual typographic/infographic project that questions humankind’s inherent ‘right’ to food. This is based on a huge compilation of secondary information such as historical dates, quotes, movements and natural occurrences relating to food, it impacts on civilizations in the past six decades, as well as how food and humanity are to be impacted by predicted events through to the year 2050.

The purpose of the campaign Our Right To Food is to inform and engage its key demographic of adolescent school students from 14-18 into understanding the potential plights we face, as well as how these issues can be addressed and potentially solved.


A depiction of the 3-meter timeline’s scale in comparison to the viewer.


The conceptual campaign’s brand mark, its sponsors, as well as the timeline’s information key that categorizes all information within the timeline.


A conceptual scenario of the timeline being ready for mass distribution. This also showcases the cover’s design all the way around.


The timeline is supplied and distributed to schools within a slip over cover, as exhibited in the above image.