Westgate Park Branding

Completed in 2013

In response to a brief outlining the branding and creation of a visual mark for Westgate Park, I chose to represent this through typography which can be utilized alongside a number of visual marks in a flexible manner. These marks are reflective of the sense of growth and natural rejuvenation that has taken place within the heart of Melbourne city where this natural sanctuary resides.

Westgate Park Concept-Business Card
Westgate Park Concept-Letterhead
Westgate Park Concept-Student book
Westgate Park Concept-Student Book Spread
Westgate Park Concept-Student guide spread 2
Westgate Park Concept-Student guide spread 3
Westgate Park Concept-Wayfinding 1
Westgate Park Concept-Wayfinding 2
Westgate Park Concept-Uniform
Westgate Park Concept-Tram Signage
Westgate Park Concept-Billboard Signage